Nos é dito nos dias de hoje, como a Violência Doméstica do marido praticada contra sua esposa é algo antigo e que fazia parte da cultura [machista] que permitia e tolerava esses casos em silêncio, achando que era algo correto e normal, uma cultura de aceitação da violência contra a mulher.

Este post contém recortes de jornais, cartazes e cartões-postais do ano de 1850 a 1950, uma época considerada “totalmente machista e patriarcal, onde as mulheres sofriam todos os tipos de opressão até a criação do feminismo” – que surgiu oficialmente na década de 60. As imagens respondem nossa pergunta:

A sociedade ocidental alguma vez considerou a violência doméstica contra a mulher algo aceitável?
“Kill Him or Leave Him – Judge Tuthill’s Advice To Woman Beaten By Spouse.” The Spokesman Review (Wa.), Jul. 30, 1907, p. 10

Every day, we in the United States are told that before the rise of the domestic violence industry in the 1980s, domestic violence against women was largely ignored by police and the courts and was regarded as acceptable behavior by society.
Here are some clippings from newspapers which can assist us in verifying the truthfulness of such claims.” – Unknown Misandry

B. G. Jefferis, Light on Dark Corners: A Complete Sexual Science (Toronto: J. L. Nichols, 1895), p. 181

“A Man killed for Beating His Wife.” Jeffersonian Republican (Stroudsburg, Pa.), Jan. 27, 1853, p. 2

“Whipping a Wife-Beater.” National Police Gazette (New York, N.Y.), Jul. 4, 1885, illustration on p. 9

“Worthy Of The Post. – Brutes in Human Form Who Beat Their Better Halves in Pits of Anger. – Under the Mild Punishment Meted Out in Modern Times the Crime is Increasing. – Several of This Class That Have Figured In the St. Paul Courts. – Habitual Wife-Beaters – Drunkenness and Cruelty -The Wreckers of Homes.” Sunday Globe (St. Paul, Mn.), Aug. 30, 1885, p. 13

“Flogging For Wife Beaters. – The Pillory unit Whipping Post at Newcastle, Del.” Syndicated, Burlington Free Press (Vt.), Jun. 1, 1886, p. 10

[Untitled, Evening Gazette (Sterling, Il.), Mar. 31, 1888, p. 6]

“Looked Like A Jay Bird. – Wife-Beater Emmons Coated With Tar and Feathers.” St. Paul Daily Globe (Mn.), Jul. 30, 1889, p. 1

[“Wife Beater Beaten by Women.” syndicated (Trenton Times (N.J.), Sep 7, 1894, p. 6]

“Whipping Posts In The East – Commodore Gerry’s Society Is Advocating Them. – Views of Humanitarians. – Why They Think the Pillory and Stocks Are Destined to Become Familiar Objects Throughout the Republic – The Gerry Bill the Beginning of a National Crusade – Consign Punishment.” syndicated, The Daily Tribune (Salt Lake City (Ut.), Mar. 3, 1895, p. 14

[Untitled, Daily Nevada State Journal (Nv.), Mar. 22, 1896, p. 2]

“Favors The Whipping Post. – New York’s Governor Would Thus Punish Wife Beaters and Cruelty.” Syndicated, Lebanon Daily News (Pa.), May 5, 1899, p. 2

“The Whipping Post. – Experts Declare That It is a Deterrent to Crime.” Akron Daily Democrat (Oh.), Jun. 10, 1899, p. 7

Sarah Comstock, “Shall We Have a Whipping Post?” San Francisco Call (Ca.), Aug. 11, 1901, Magazine Section, p. 2

“An Almost Sure Cure For Wife Beaters Can Be Seen Daily Doing Its Good Work On Rikers Island – Learning to Be Gentle. – Men Who Abuse Their Wives Now Punished as They Deserve.” New York Tribune Illustrated Supplement (N.Y.), Apr. 12, 1903, p. 4

“Whipping Post The Thing. – Pennsylvania Magistrate Considers Good Licking Best Punishment for Wife-Beaters.” Spirit of the Valley (Harrisonburg, Va.), Apr. 29, 1904, p. 4

“Capital Needs Whipping Post – Ministers and Local Authorities Heartily Favor It – Penalty For Wife-Beaters – President Roosevelt’s Suggestion in Message Touching District Affairs – Meets with Warm Approval.” The Washington Post (D.C.), Dec. 25, 1904, p. 4

“Wants To Revive Whipping-Post – Southington, Conn., Selectman Wants New Law. – To Punish Wife-Beaters – He Says He Has Received Assurances of Support for Legislation – He Will Ask For from Next Legislature.” The Richmond Planet (Va.), Jan. 7, 1905, p. 2

“Some Strange Penalties.” The Minneapolis Journal (Mn.), Feb. 23, 1905, p. 14

The convention voted down by a large majority President Roosevelt’s recommendation of the whipping-post for wife-beaters.

Stevens Point Daily Journal (Wi.), Apr. 20, 1905, p. 3

“Wife Beating and the Whipping Post – Shall California Adopt This Form of Punishment?” The Sunday Call (San Francisco, Ca.), Jan. 7, 1906, Literary Section, p. 10

“Chain Gang For Rich Wife Beater. – With Ankles Shackled andCarrying a Pick. – Prominent Decatur Business Man Forced to Work With Convictsfor Assaulting His Wife.” St. John Daily Sun (New Brunswick, Canada), Jan. 27,1906, p. 10

“Whipping Post for the Wife Beater – Indorsed By Officials; Opposed By Women,” The Washington Post, Jan. 28, 1906, Part 2, p. 2

“Whipping Post For The Wife Beater – Representative Adam Fathers a Measure With Such Provisions. – Only Way To Curb Brute,” Des Moines Daily News, Feb. 1, 1906, p. 3

“Wife Beating Now Decreasing – In Oregon Because of the “Whipping Post” Law. – Since Establishment of Law Only Two Men Have Been Whipped – Ninety Per Cent Decrease. – Despite Good Law Has Done, Some in the State Want Law Repealed.” Logansport Daily Reporter (In.), Jan. 10, 1907, p. 5

Ethel Lloyd Patterson, “Magistrate Lazarus Believes In Whipping for Wife-Beaters – More Efficacious Than Imprisonment Where Brute Strength Is the Only Superior Force Recognized. – Spanking Is Good For Some Children. – Magistrate Doesn’t Paddle His Own, but His Wife Does It for Him When Necessary.” The Evening World (N.Y.), Oct. 7, 1908, p. 3

“Teddy Lauds Reporter Who Depended Woman.” Waterloo Evening Courier (Io.), Jul. 9, 1910, p. 1

Selene Armstrong, “Women Oppose Return to the Whipping Post – Shocked at the Mode of Punishment for Wife-Beaters. – Says Cruelty Never Improved A Man – Well-Known Women of District Express Their Views on the Subject. – Wife of Victim Tells Lashing Given Her of Husband. – Declares Stain Is Everlasting – Her Children, She Says, “Will Be Pointed Out by Others.” The Washington Times (D.C.), Mar. 11, 1911, p. 6

“Wife Beater Given Taste Of The Lash – Five Cuts on Bare Back Brings Groans From Lips of Baltimore Man.” syndicated, Sheboygan Daily Press (Wi.), Apr. 28, 1911, p. 6

“Faints Under Lash. – Wife Beater Whipped at Post in Portland, Ore. – With A Cat O’ Nine Tails. – Deputy Sheriff Wields Weapon Lustily in Brutal Husband’s Bared Back Until Victim’s Howls Are Heard Throughout the Jail.” Warren Mirror (Pa.), Sep. 6, 1911, p. 6

“Wife Beater Loses Mind – Man Whipped by Order of Court Becomes Insane.” The Daily News (Frederick, Md.), Dec. 4, 1911, p. 8

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“Strong Arm Of Law for Wife Beaters – Good Sound Hand-Picked Lickings to Be Dealt Out by Justice Miller. Fears Not The Huskiest,” The Gazette Times (Pittsburgh, Pa.), Feb. 1, 1914, p. 1

“Wife Beater Is Forced to Leave – George Logan of Malvern Visited by Delegation of Citizens and Made to Depart,” Mills County Tribune (Glenwood, Io.), Feb. 26, 1914, p. 1

“Wife-Beater Shot to Death Five Men Are Under Arrest ,” Reno Evening Gazette (Nv.), Aug. 27, 1915, p. 2

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“A Public Square Pillory for Criminals in 1916 – How Kansas Has Revived This Ancient Punishment to Curb the Epidemic of Wife-Beating and How the Figure Shed a New Light on the Strange Psychology of Woman-Thrashing All Over the World,” The Salt Lake Tribune (Ut.), magazine section, Aug. 6, 1916, p. 2

“Physical Battles For Wife Beaters Milwaukee Judge Retains Scrappers For That Purpose,” Fitchburg Daily Sentinel (Ma.), Jan. 3, 1917, p. 5

“Wife Beaters’ Pictures In City Hall.” The Syracuse Herald (N.Y.), Jan 24, 1917, p. 21

“Wife Beater Must Fight – Judge Orders Him to Training Camp to Prepare to Try His Talents on Him.” The Maurice Times (Io.), Nov. 28, 1918, p. 3

“Family Rows – The Police Magistrates’ Greatest Problems.” The Burlington Hawk-Eye (Io.), Nov. 23, 1919, sec. 2, p. 1

Untitled, Bedford Gazette (Pa.), Jun. 18, 1920, p. 4

[“The Inquiring Reporter – Every Day He Asks Five Persons,Picked At Random, A Question,” Chicago Tribune (Il.), May 3, 1921, p. ?]

“Whipping Post For Wife Beaters,” The Herald (Algiers, La.), Sep. 29, 1921, p. 1

“Wife Beater Forced To Kiss Her Foot,” Oakland Tribune (Ca.), May 14, 1922, p. 1

“Gives Wife Beater Dose of Own Medicine – Alderman Blackens Both Eyes For Offender and Fines Him.” The News (Frederick, Md.), Oct. 20, 1922, p. 9

“Wife Beater Gets Beating – Maryland Man, Convicted of Wife Abuse, Publicly Lashed In Jail At Baltimore,” Iowa City Press-Citizen (Io.), May 6, 1926, p. 7

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“Wife Beater Lashed by County Sheriff – 30 [sic] Strokes Administered to Nude Prisoner for Attacking Spouse,” The Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Md,), Oct. 20, 1945, p. 1; & “Gets 10 Lashes For Beating Wife,” Altoona Mirror (Oh.), Oct. 22, 1945, p. 13

“Wife-Beater Gets 20 Lashes In Delaware Under Old Law –Nine-Thonged Whip Used by Warden To Flog Bare-Backed Prisoner,” The PittsburghPress (Pa.), Jun. 16, 1952, p. 7

“Northeast Kansas Court Houses – Atchison County, Atchison,” Atchison Sunday Globe (Ks.), Nov. 3, 1957, p. 8

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